Engineering Activities

ingenium provides proven experience in consulting, designing and engineering for the whole chain of processing primary and secondary raw materials to metals.

Project Promotion
  • Patent investigations
  • Project Appraisal
  • Site evaluation
  • Tender preparation
  • Market surveys
  • Project financing
  • Search for partnership
Project Development
  • Technology review
  • Licenses agreement
  • Process selection
  • Project definition
  • Contract engineering
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project engineering
Project Execution
  • Project management
  • Project engineering
  • Procurement services
  • Project cost control
  • Supervision of erection
  • Supervision of start-up
  • Production monitoring

Our teams work closely with clients to incorporate the client´s knowledge and requirements into the project starting at the earliest project stages. We do our work and ensure that technical decisions and designs are sound, and where appropriate, include the input and expertise of recognized experts and specialists from around the world.