Recycling is of vital importance to the environment. The most commonly used non-ferrous metals are aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, titanium, cobalt, chromium and precious metals. Millions of tones of nonferrous scrap and residues are recovered annually and used by smelters, refiners, ingot makers, foundries, and other manufacturers.

Recyclability is a key feature on non-ferrous metals. 

ingenium is able to design and engineer reliable and environment friendly process routes for the recovery of copper, zinc, lead, and tin as well as precious metals from secondary raw materials and hazardous waste dumps.

We offer the following recycling technologies:

  • Roasting furnace for the treatment & upgrading of zinc, copper and tin raw materials
  • Short rotary furnace for the recovery of lead and tin metals
  • Rotary kiln for the recovery of zinc and lead oxides 
  • Electrical furnace for the recovery of copper and tin metals
  • Solvent Extraction for the recovery of zinc metal
  • Furnace/Converting for the recovery of precious metals
  • Fire refining of copper, lead and tin metals
  • Electrolytic deposition for the production of copper, zinc, silver and gold

ingenium also offers process and equipment knowledge for all process steps to complete the above mentioned recycling technologies with material sorting, charge preparation, melting and casting as well as environmental protection measures.